Thursday, November 3, 2011

More coordinates again

In revit 2011 release I thought we finally had this shared coordinates thing fixed. 2012 proved me wrong. If you also want to use the bridgemodeler extensions you are really in for some puzzling. This video will not cover that. This video will cover setting up shared coordinates and the true north project north rotation. In you want to use the integration with civil3D extension don't use this method.

After a recent project I ran again into trouble with Revit and keeping a dwg on the right position. After quiet some testing I produced a system that seems to work.

I chose to do it manually so I am much more aware of what is happening. I am still experiencing that reloading a dwg gives weird results. Closing the revit file and reopening seems more stable for the position of the dwg.

I captured a video showing the steps that work for me. I hope it will help you out. Please let me know your experiences.

 (watch it on youtube and set it to 1080p)

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