Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DWG 2 Revit

I have been running into a small issue with linking dwg (2013) files into revit 2013 with the setting: 'current view only' unchecked. So far it seems that if you have setup shared coordinates like I have been describing in several blog posts you can get a wandering dwg file in you revit project. With wandering I mean it seems to ignore where it's supposed to be. 

If you have linked a dwg with the setting that you want to view the dwg in all views (the current view only is unchecked) and you save the project with a view open that has been set to True North than you can get a misplaced dwg file the next time you open the project. 

So far the trick seems to be to set the view to project north and reload the dwg from the managed link dialogue box.

It seems that when a drawing has been linked to current view only it does not happen. Or at least not for me... yet