Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Geomarker Civil 3D

In an earlier blog I already mention the geomarker and how the revit extension seem to use the geomarker to exchange date between Civil 3D and Revit. 

I do not think that that is a good point to use. Specially when you look at the following:

I have recorded a screencap from Civil 3D. I only have a surface in and I'll do the following:

  1. turn on the geomarker
  2. edit the geomarker
  3. put the geomarker to another position
  4. save the dwg

What you will see in the movie is that when you invoke the save command the geomarker jumps back to center of the site. I don't think that the center of a site is a handy point for exchange since if the site changes size the center point and so the exchange point changes...

A bit of googling on geomarker on got me this:

It would be really great if the geomarker would behave the same as the project basepoint does in Revit. Funny knowing Revit's problems with large coordinates I never thought I would suggest another system to use some of Revit's techniques.

If anyone else can shed some light on the geomarker and how to keep it fixed I would be very gratefull!

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