Friday, December 23, 2011

True North it is

So once in a while you run into something that is completely obvious when you look back at it.

I have written before about the true north and project north issues with Revit. (It gives problems with linked files) I have asked myself before why bother with project north at all. Probably because of working in Autocad before. I tried to to the same in Revit. In Autocad you want lines to be horizontal or vertical, if possible.

But with all the nice tools in Revit it's not really necessary. Section are easy to draw, parallel to grid lines and elevations orient themselves perpendicular to walls. The only thing that's left are the floor plans. Some projects will probably look stupid if you don't rotate them. Some things might become difficult to read.

If you work solely in Revit and you have no need to link in other files than do use project north it's easy to setup. If you do need to link in site plans or something similar see if you can get away with it not setting up project north.

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